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Nearshoring and team augmentation in Mexico

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Who We Are

At Aleph Integrated our vision is to build a world where talent and hard work can transcend borders. 

We can help your company grow by augmenting your U.S. team with Ivy League class, bilingual professionals based in Mexico, as well as, to nearshore critical frontline and back office business processes. 

Our expert team will work with you to develop and implement an efficient strategic model for combining an in-person presence in critical markets, with collaborative remote, or metaverse based environment and nearshore work hubs offering lower operating costs at a higher standard of living for your team. 

This will allow you to maximize your bottom line, all the while efficiently serving your costumers and helping your team fulfill their professional goals, and enjoy a better work life balance.

Benefits of Nearshoring in Mexico

aleph Benefits of Nearshoring in Mexico
At Aleph Integrated, you will find the best

How It Works

1. We take the time to learn your company’s unique needs, processes and team culture.

2. We recruit, screen and train the best candidates from our large pool of highly qualified professionals.

3. You interview and approve potential candidates, or test and integrate an entire business unit.

4. We provide onsite management and support as needed to your remote team members working from our offices, or manage an entire back office business process for your company.

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Industries Served



Accounts Payable & Procurement
Invoicing & Collections
Reporting & Budgeting
Remote CFO Services Department
Management Bookkeeping



Hospital & Medical Office BPO
Medical Billing
Scheduling & Office Management
HR & Compliance



Database Maintenance
Processing & Cataloging
Scanning & Indexing
Research & Prospecting



Architectural & Design
Structural & Electrical
Mechanical & Industrial



Lead generation
Call center
Customer service
Front line sales support

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Contact us to learn how our nearshoring and team integrated staff augmentation resources in Mexico can help you reduce operating expenses, and optimize business results.